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Carla wallpaper mural

  • Standard size W 360 x H 280 cm
  • Standard size W 180 x H 280 cm West (left side)
  • Standard size W 180 x H 280 cm East (right side)
Delivery 2-6 weeks

Carla Talopp's pictorial corpus is a celebration of the strength and beauty of life, reflecting a feminine and lively nature. At Bien Fait's request, the artist deposits a veritable bouquet of life on the canvas: the panorama unites the elements - foliage, feathers or even cells - in a single, flamboyant dance, and imprints its sheer force on the walls without fear of excess.

Height: 280cm / 110.23in
Length: 360cm
Colour: Blue | Green | Red or Bordeaux