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TOC TOC Living

Punctual is a sleek, yet durable modular shelving system available in a range of configurations to suit every need. Made to last from powder-coated metal, slender tubes and practical shelves perforated with tiny holes for a softer expression are easy to assemble. The industrial-inspired design has a classical feel thanks to its understated cashmere-coloured coating, making it work in any setting — from a kitchen to a bedroom.

Ask and tell us your needs and we will find the solution for you!

At TOC TOC Living we dedicate ourselves body and soul every day to having:

The brands of avant-garde design, Nordic design and from places all over the world that are in fashion or that follow the patterns we like, so that we can satisfy your ideas of design and decoration.

The furniture you need in a home or decorative environment.

Interior design and decoration advice through our 100% online 3D project service and for all pockets