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Designed in 1949 it has won many awards for its timeless expression and great functionality.

Flexible and easy to assemble, it will allow you to add or move elements as your needs change. It can be redistributed very easily and adapts to any space. With its emblematic design that does not go out of style and its infinite possibilities, it will always have a place in your life.

Type of Product

The String shlef system is one of the most important design icons of the 20th century.

The reasons are several; The packaging was simple and cheap to transport, the shelves can be repositioned quickly, in addition to being combined with shelves of different depths, books are kept in place thanks to the side panels ... It is stable and can be expanded in all directions.

No matter if the wall is large or small, the String bookcase is functional and adapts to any space. The side panels are the ones that give character to the String shelf. Elegant and clean, the colorful sides are a thin staircase that accesses the wall in an ingenious, variable and flexible way.