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The multifunctional Verde Mirror is intended for all kinds of rooms. Inspired by 1950s metal furniture, behind the mirror is a shelf for space for small objects. Two small cut outs in the shelf allows to hang clothes on each side so as to have an outfit close at hand. Finally, the frame of the mirror can be used to hang everyday objects. So versatile!

Color: black frame

Measures: 85x60x11 cm

Designed by Rikke Frost

Verde Mirror is versatile in its functions and is intended for all kinds of rooms. The mirror is  designed with inspiration from metal furniture from the 1950s with the use of simple shapes in combination with a functional perspective. Behind the mirror is a shelf that provides space for plants or other small objects that could come in handy. Two small cut outs in the shelf allows one to hang clothes on a hanger on each side of the mirror in order to always have one’s outfit close at hand. One last detail is the frame of the mirror that functions as a third arm. It can be used to hang everyday objects you should remember to take with you before you walk out of the door.

About the designer
Rikke Frost is a Danish graduate from Arkitektskolen Aarhus. In 2004, Rikke Frost established her own studio in Aarhus. “I am often fascinated by a material or method for production. Through the combination of materials and utilisation of qualities, I add the design a natural applicability. I create designs that should be seen, felt and touched. The idiom is recognisable and simple with focus on colours, details and functions to give a sense of a solid design” – Rikke Frost

Height: 85cm / 33.46in
Length: 60cm / 23.62in
Depth: 10cm / 3.93in
Weight: 9kg
Colour: Black
EAN13: 571280000516 Reference: 150006