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  • 140cm
  • 160cm
  • 180cm
  • 200cm
  • 220cm
  • 240cm
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With its elegantly bevelled legs, the tabletop seems to float effortlessly above them. The Oak Air dining table is sturdy and slim, disguised in a simple, clean and minimalist design. Inspired by the lightness experienced with the bed of the same name.

Oak plywood table top with varnished finish and solid wood legs.

Available sizes : ( Depth x Height x Width - Net weight )

140 x 80 x 76 cm - 43 kg

160 x 80 x 76 cm - 45 kg

180 x 90 x 90 x 76 cm - 47 kg

200 x 95 x 95 x 76 cm - 51 kg

220 x 95 x 95 x 76 cm - 53 kg

240 x 100 x 76 cm - 56 kg

For cleaning or in case of spills use a damp cloth and natural soap. Wipe dry with a soft, clean cloth.

All of our designs are intentionally timeless. They resist trends and go well with different styles, and can be passed from one home to another, carrying the stories from one life to another. Our collections return to the essence of what we believe to be good design: pieces full of personality, made with quality materials that mature wonderfully. We love that solid wood evolves over the years bearing the marks of the life that happens to it.

The beauty of natural materials lies in their peculiarities and imperfections. Variations in wood grain and color, knots, medullary rays, and other natural characteristics are inherent. They are not far from defects, but an intricate part of his personality. We believe that these imperfections contribute to the charm of our products.

Exceptional craftsmanship is the essence of our brand, and behind the simplicity of our pieces lies a constant drive for innovation. Incorporating advanced techniques into our creation process, each new design is reviewed and reworked down to the last detail: every curve, texture and line reflects our design values.

Material: Oak wood
Height: 76cm / 29.92in
Length: 160cm / 62.99in | 200cm / 78.74in | 220cm / 86.61in | 240cm / 94.48in
Depth: 90 cm | 100cm / 39.37in
Finished: Varnishing
Colour: Brown | Wood

Specific References

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