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This small cabinet with double sliding mirror doors is perfect for giving your String System shelving unit a different type of utility. For example it would go great in a bathroom as well as in the entrance hall for those last minute mirror checks before you leave the house!  

The String System shelves are perfect for all types of spaces thanks to its shape versatility which make it so flexible and adaptable.

With this shelf you will definitely give an unique design touch to any room or space in your home creating a spectacular end-result decoration!

String System is a world-famous design icon and valued for its great flexibility.

Material: Plywood
Height: 40cm / 15.74in
Length: 80cm / 31.49in
Depth: 20cm / 7.87in
Type of Product: Cabinets
Colour: White
EAN13: 7350038273239 Reference: CM7820-12-1