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In Situ Sofas 4 Seater Configurations

Delivery 2-6 weeks

The In Situ modular sofa is a large modular design with sculptural lines that can be adapted to your space and individual taste with its modular elements hidden through subtle details of its front profile, combined with deep comfort and a soft seat.

The appearance of the In Situ modular sofa has a more casual look, compared to some of our other sofas.

Choose from any of the 5 pre-designed settings. With the three fabrics ready to ship in three weeks. Other fabrics 6 weeks (see price)

*Please note that In Situ cushions are not part of any seat configuration or module and must be added separately to your order.

Consult us to create your own design using the 9 different seat modules and loose cushions.

Height: 70cm / 27.55in
Length: 360cm / 140,4in | 378cm / 147,42in
Depth: 107cm / 42.12in | 170cm / 66.92in
Weight: 130kg | 150
Seat Height: 38cm / 14,96in
Seat Depth: 74cm / 29,13in
Reference: 41947