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Inspired by the unique volcanic rock formations found on the ancient island of Staffa in Scotland, the Staffa collection features a series of bold furniture pieces. Paying homage to their namesake, which means pillar in old Norse, every piece is crafted entirely from glass fibre reinforced concrete, using an innovative casting process that provides each item with a rough, uneven shape reminiscent of blocks of carved stone. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use presents an intriguing piece that blurs the line between art and functionality. Place the contemporary piece in  living room or outside lounge area and watch as it naturally sparks conversation.

Color: Offwhite

Size: W: 80 x 30.6 x 30.2 cm

Material: Glassfiber Reinforced Concrete

Info: The Staffa products are intended for indoor use as well as outdoor

Care instructions: Wipe with a damp cloth. Do not use an abrasive surface or chemicals for cleaning

Height: 80cm / 31.49in
Length: 31cm / 12.20in
Depth: 31cm / 12.20in
Colour: White
EAN13: 5704723310730 Reference: 1104268107