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The Sentrum side table follows the principle of simplicity as it has been stripped from all unnecessary elements. What is left is a strong base and geometrical expression with pure functionalities. 

The S-shaped construction makes the centre of attention and creates two spaces for storage on both sides to enhance to usability of the side table - ideal for magazines and books. Sentrum is designed to integrate and interact with people as a part of their daily life. Let the Sentrum side table get a central spot in your home.

Designed by Schmahl + Schnippering
Maximilian Schmahl and Fabian Schnippering are two talented German designers who studied product design together and found that they share a profound love for decisive details and soft shapes. With a belief that designs are a part of our culture, they create products designed to integrate and interact with people as a natural part of their daily life.

Material: Steel
Height: 36
Length: 40cm / 15.74in
Type of Product: Round
Colour: Multicolour

Specific References

ean13: 5712800008531 Reference: 110740