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  • Satin
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The Innovo Collection Cea INV19

Monomando mixer with rotating can

Useable in the kitchen and washing.


The collection, made from stainless steel AISI 316L, is characterized by the 30 mm diameter cylindrical body that represents an evolution of traditional design.Aligned and thinner, INNOVO is forged in absolute elegance, embellished by a mang ergonomic mango, made with a laser cutting technique.The collection is available with monomand mixer and with or without removable teleducha.These grifes are complemented with a range of accessories, such as soap dosificators, dusts and ventilator cover, made in stainless steel.


AISI 316L is a low-carbon alloy, universally recognized for its hygiene characteristics and excellent corrosion resistance from external agents, particular suitable for salt and sulfuric environments.The AISI 316L stainless steel is not oxidated in contact with water or air, but creates a película resistant natural protective film.CEA works in cold the steel and therefore keeps the alloy resistance characteristics unchanged.All CEA products are not processed with galvanic treatments, in accordance with the principles of sustainability that characterize the company’s philosophy.Therefore, the AISI 316L stainless steel is an ecological, completely recyclable, toxic and very hygienic material.


All products in the INNOVO collection are available in satinated and polished finish, obtained by mechanical process, and in all CEA SPECIAL ACABADES (Black Diamond, Bronze, Copper and Light Gold).Special finish treatments, performed at the customer’s request, are the result of a careful chromatic selection and technological development work that is based on a high thick deposition of zirkonium and graphite powder mixtures.Through a process of evaporation in vacuum chambers (plasma), the dust passes from a steam phase and then back to a condensed phase of thin film.In this way, the steel surface is even more resistant to cleaners and salt air, and makes the surfaces resistant to scratches.In the Black Diamond finish the surface is also protected from calcare deposits, thanks to the self-solubrication feature that allows you to keep the product clean for longer.CEA special finishes emphasize the unique properties of AISI 316L stainless steel, increasing the brightness and hardness of its surface.All CEA special finishes are ecological and biocompatible.


In order to keep the graffiti beautiful and lasting, it is recommended to periodically clean the graffiti with recommended products for the cleaning of stainless steel.Drying and drying are fundamental aspects to prevent the formation of calcary deposits.Do not use desinfectants such as lechia, chlorides, ethylene oxides, non-ionic tensioactives that may damage the surface of the products.Do not use detergents based on chlorhydric, fluorhydric, phosphoric and muriatic acid.Prefer the use of pH-neutral detergents and, if necessary, only in pieces of steel, diluted isopropyl alcohol or diluted sodium carbonate.The latter is a polyvalent ecological detergent: it does not contain tensioactive, phosphorus, colorants or perfumes.Avoid contact of steel surfaces with vapors from acidic (muriatic and chlorhydric) or base of sodium, leech or ammonia hypochloride.Do not use strawberries or brushes of any kind or abrasive detergents that contain microscopic particles that can scratch the surfaces and ruin the satinated and polished finish of the surfaces.To minimize the negative effects related to cal accumulation inside and outside the product, we recommend the installation of a water decalcification and filtration system.

Calcary deposits: Calcary and dirty deposits in the airborne filters can be dissolved by dismantling the airborne with its key and immersing it in a vinegar solution (maximum concentration of 20%) for a few hours, then wrap it and dry it before reinstalling it.

Oxide spots: To remove accidental spots coming from a semi-plonged exposure to ferrose objects or even water with a high percentage of iron and manganese, it is recommended to smoothly scratch the spots with a soft, wet cloth and a soft and non-abrasive cleaning product specially developed.restore the stainless steel protective film ending with wasting abundantly with water and drying the surface.

Mechanical Restoration: Raised or with excessive oxyde or chlorine impact caused by inappropriate use, stainless steel can be restored by mechanical treatment.

For this type of intervention it is recommended to request exclusively an authorized distributor CEA, CEADESIGN who will perform the mentioned treatment.However, the company reserves the right not to intervene if the conditions for recovery are severe.

Material: Stainless steel
Height: 38cm / 14.96in
Length: 27cm / 10.62in
Depth: 15cm / 5.90in
Collection: Bath
Colour: Black | Bronze | Copper | Gold
Reference: INV19S