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Maceta Hourglass XS Black

Ferm Living
€85.50 Save 10%

The small, hourglass shape makes it ideal for rooms where space is at a premium, and it’s made to withstand the elements – making it suitable for use on a terrace or balcony.

Color: Black
Size: Ø: 21 x H: 30 cm
Material: Blackened metal
The pot can be used upside down. 
Care: Wipe with a damp cloth

"The name "Ferm" was actually inspired by my grandmother. When she said someone was "ferm på fingrene"—made with her hands, literally "good with her fingers"—it was a great saying. I like to think that she would approve the Ferm LIVING name; it is modern, but also has a quality resurgence at home- and we try to ensure-we each piece is well done. "
"My designs have always been based on my own life. The very first wallpaper came to be why I couldn't find the type of print I wanted. Therefore, I simply decided that if I wanted a specific design someone like me should want it too - and going backwards, then when we were parents, and the same situation was given when design elements came for the children's rooms. Then continuing, we find our needs in new things. Every day of life is my inspiration.
"I have never created anything with the bases of strategy or pure calculation; it has to come from the heart to me. I am very happy and grateful - and I continue for many things surprised!- to see that those designs have been acquired by many people from all over the world. And it continues to mark the same design philosophy that Hife starts all - doing well-seated things. Then you have much better return in the right feeling of anyone else too. "

Colour: Black
EAN13: 5704723108726 Reference: 100709629