Integrated Dishwasher Electrolux KESC5300L

Delivery 2-6 weeks

Electrolux built-in dishwasher Paneling. Optional Finishing that fits perfectly in the Frame kitchen by Fantin.

• Capacity 12 IEC cutlery.

• Energy efficiency class A+++

• Energy smart: self-reduction of consumption

• AutoOff function (automatic shutdown)

• Satellite reel

• Delayed start

• End of cycle buzzer

• Digital screen

• Silent operation 44 dB(A) re 1pW

• Inverter technology

• Pure Crystal system (anti-opacity glass and crystals)

• Automatic half load

• Water turbidity sensor

• Management of hot water connections (energy savings up to 35%)

• Aqualock integrated security system

• Self-balancing double fulcrum hinges

• AirDry technology (automatic door opening at the end of the cycle)

• Black aesthetic

• Washing programs: 160 Minutes, 60 Minutes, 90 Minutes, AUTO Sense, Eco, Machine Care, Quick 30 Minutes, Soak

• Acqualock integrated security system

With SatelliteClean, capable of offering three times better results than standard systems, your dishes will come out sparkling clean from the dishwasher. Thanks to the double rotating nozzle that continuously changes the angle of the water jet, even the largest pans will be thoroughly cleaned.

With SoftGrips and SoftSpikes you no longer have to waste time washing delicate glasses by hand. The soft material gently and securely holds glasses in place, protecting them from cracks and breakage.

The new QuickSelect dishwashers with splashbacks help you choose the most suitable wash cycle for your loaded laundry, with just a touch of your fingers! Choose the duration of the wash cycle thanks to the appropriate slider and then let the dishwasher take care of everything else.

Now you can load or remove the dishes comfortably thanks to the basket. Quick rise. Even when the basket is filled with bulky utensils, the QuickLift system allows you to adjust the height so you can easily access the dishes.

New AirDry technology uses natural airflow to complete drying, for up to three times better results than closed door systems. The door opens 10 cm at the end of the cycle, allowing air to circulate for excellent drying results.

Height: 76cm / 29.92in
Length: 55cm / 21.65in
Depth: 55cm / 21.65in
Weight: 35kg
Type of Product: Kitchen Column
Reference: FRE25