• Fenix - Bianco Kos
  • Fenix - Cacao Orinoco
  • Fenix - Grigio Londra
  • Fenix - Beige Arizona
  • Fenix - Grigio Bromo
  • Fenix - Blu Fes
  • Inox Satin Barazza
  • Inox Vintage Barazza
Delivery 2-6 weeks

Kitchen countertop model with integrated sink.

L3 Barazza vintage finish stainless steel worktop.

L2 Barazza satin finish stainless steel worktop.

L1 Fenix laminated wood worktop in various colors.

Measurement: 188 x 67 x 0.4 cm

Frame kitchens are offered with 2 or 3 modules, worktops in Fenix NTMTM or 4 mm Barazza steel, in Vintage and satin finishes, combinable with all Fantin finishes. The offer is completed with the open compartments and the wall panels, in the versions with or without a shelf with integrated lighting, to optimize the space with personality.

Material: Steel
Height: 0,4cm / 0.15in
Length: 188cm / 74.01in
Depth: 67cm / 26,37in
Type of Product: Kitchen Furniture 188
Colour: Beige | Black | Blue | Brown | Chrome | Grey | White
Reference: FRB55F