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Flamingos Wallpaper blue Cole and Son Contemporary Restyled Collection

Cole and Son

This charming Cole & Son bird print wallpaper provides a magical air to children's room. Your little ones will find themselves in a magical world full of animals and adventures and, in addition, it has a long lifespan since its design is perfect for children, teens or the home.

Easy to put on and unequaled finishes!

Measures: 52 cm x 10.05 m

Repetition: 72cm

Cole and Son brings a magical and unique touch to the walls of any corner of your home.

Easy to put on and unequaled finishes, this wallpaper will adorns a wonderful end result, different and unique for any room.

The design is perfect for a children's room, a teenager´s room or any room of the house. Be it a statement wall or a whole area, the Cole and Son wallpaper will bring a nice and cozy atmosphere to your house.

You can find a wide range of colors, shapes and designs that will fit any decoration you want for your home. There is no other wallpaper like it!

Model: Flamingos blue Cole and Son New Contemporary Collection 66/6044

Measurements: 52 cm x 10.05 m

Repetition: 72cm

Height: 1000cm / 397.70in
Length: 53cm / 20.86in
Pattern: Animals
Colour: Blue
Reference: 95/8047