• 120x180cm
  • 160x240cm
  • 200x300cm
  • 80x120cm

Color y alegría, movimiento y vitalidad. Seguramente, la propuesta de alfombra Hidraulik más vigorosa y festiva de la serie contemporánea. Llena tu espacio de estrellas y luz. Es perfecta para cualquier tipo de decoración, para aportar ese toque especial a tu hogar con su bonito diseño que imita las baldosas hidráulicas. 

Varios tamaños, seleccionar cual se prefiere.

Acabado vinilico

Hidraulik is born in a recovery of the aesthetics of the modernist tile

Over time, a renewed sensitivity to the old hydraulic tile has grown. A new audience who knows and admires the designs of the Golden Age has allowed them to return to value. Some new tile makers have appeared, which on a small and artisanal scale recover the manufacture of models based on the fecundated aesthetic tradition of the modernist tile.

Hydraulik carpets meet the following characteristics:

Antiallergic:bactericidal treatment and anti-hongos applied.

Ignore: is safe at the risk of fire. It's self-extinguishable.

Easy to clean: with a wet cloth or a mop. Remove electrostatic charges.

Thanks to its manufacturing material (pvc), it isthermal insulation:cold isola. Protect the spider patch.

Pattern: Geometrics
Colour: Yellow
Reference: CM155