• 120x180cm
  • 160x240cm
  • 200x300cm
  • 80x120cm

Classic forms, very recognizable. Bear and hypnotic colors. This carpet inspired by historical hydraulic mosaics brings together the virtues of force and freedom.It is perfect for any type of decoration, to bring that special touch to your home with its beautiful design that imitates the hydraulic tiles.

Several sizes, select which you prefer.

Vinilic finish

Hidraulik is born in a recovery of the aesthetics of the modernist tile

Over time, a renewed sensitivity to the old hydraulic tile has grown. A new audience who knows and admires the designs of the golden period has allowed them to return to value. Some new tile makers have appeared, which on a small and artisanal scale recover the manufacture of models based on the fecundated aesthetic tradition of the modernist tile.

Hydraulik carpets meet the following characteristics:

Antiallergic:bactericidal treatment and anti-hongos applied.

Ignore: is safe at the risk of fire. It's self-extinguishable.

Easy to clean: with a wet cloth or a mop. Remove electrostatic charges.

Thanks to its manufacturing material (pvc), it isthermal insulation:cold isola. Protect the spider patch.

Pattern: Geometrics
Colour: Yellow
Reference: CM161