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copy of Outline armchair

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The Outline Sofa adds new perspectives to the classic Scandinavian design sofas of the 1960s, uniting the ideals of simplicity and functionality into one. With a design that takes its name from the striking silhouette of a sofa, the Outline series is clean and elegant on the outside with a deep seat and soft cushioning on the inside. The Outline series has an expression that is both elegant and timeless, elevated by its lines that reference architectural forms along with its curved armrests, giving the design a distinctive appearance in various sizes and variants. The Outline series also includes Studio versions of the sofa and chair, which are compact versions with reduced proportions for smaller spaces within the home, hotel rooms, work environments and more. The Outline Studio sofa and chair have a shallower depth of 76 cm / 29.9”.

Product material

Polished aluminium base or coated in black powder with pre-mounted felt sliders. Construction in wood and steel. Cold foam filling. Fully upholstered with textile, polypiel or leather. Leather from selected premium leather suppliers.

Polished aluminium

Aluminum's malleability makes it an excellent choice for products Muuto durable and highly detailed, bringing a sense of lightness and spaciousness to robust designs.


Group 1: Ocean (Color 3, 21, 32, 50, 52, 80 & 601), Remix, Vancouver (Color 4, 8, 10, 12, 13 & 14) was also included

Group 2: Canvas, Clara, Colline, Fiord, Rime, Steelcut and the Steelcut Trio

Group 3: Hallingdal and Illusion Leather

Group 4: Balder, Clay, Divine, Divine MD, Divine Melange, Ecriture, Planum, Twill Weave, Vidar are also included

Group 5: Easy leather

Group 6: refined leather

Group 7: Endure leather

Group 8: Grace Leather

Group 9: Allure Leather


Ready for delivery in three weeks:

Tela Remix 163 / Patas Black was released in the United States

Other Clay 12 / legs black

It 's called Leather Cognac / Black Legs

Material: Aluminium | Fabric | MDF
Height: 40cm / 15.74in
Length: 111cm / 43.70in
Depth: 78cm / 30,71in
Weight: 17kg
Seat Height: 40cm / 15,75in
Seat Depth: 62cm / 24,41in
Reference: 68591