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  • White
  • Black
  • Walnut
  • Oak
  • 58x58cm
  • 38 x 118cm
  • 58 x 118cm
  • 118 x 118cm
  • Height 30 - Black
  • Height 36 - Black
  • Height 30 - White
  • Height 36 - White

The Solapa tables have a floor plan that softens the square, or rectangular, shape and two leg heights allowing the tables to overlap.

Sizes: 60×120, 40×120 y 60×60, 120×120 cm.

Height: 30 cm or 36 cm

This top can be: white, oak, walnut or black Fenix.

The legs are white  or black 

These sizes allow you to use a single table in front of the sofa or mix them to create your own composition.

Design: Jon Gasca

Table top materials:

The wooden tops are made of MDF with walnut or natural oak veneer.

The white tops are made of MDF with white melamine and white lacquer.

The black tops are made of Fenix, a nanotechnological material with a smooth, super matt, anti-fingerprint, scratch-resistant finish and with the ability to thermally repair micro-scratches.

Leg materials: 

The legs are made of white or black reinforced polypropylene, with floor pro- tectors in plastic of the same colour.

Material: Melamine | Oak wood | Polypropylene | Walnut wood
Height: 30cm / 11.81in | 36cm / 14.17in
Length: 58cm / 22.83in | 118cm / 46.45in
Depth: 38cm / 14.96in | 58cm / 22.83in | 118cm / 46.45in
Colour: Black | White | Wood
Reference: MESA SOLAPA H30