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  • Black
  • Walnut
  • Oak

We have called this table MESETA because it refers to an elevated height. 

An evocative name for this new 66 cm high side table. A table with two perfect surfaces that allows us to work on any armchair or sofa. What makes Meseta different is that, thanks to its design, it can be mounted parallel or perpendicular.

Design: Jon Gasca

Measurements: Oak and walnut: 66,2 x 45 x 33 - Phoenix black: 66,2 x 45 x 33

The black tops are made of Fenix, a nanotechnological material with a smooth, super matt, anti-fingerprint, scratch-resistant finish and with the ability to thermally repair micro-scratches.

- SHAPE: The top and base have curved shapes to make the table more sensual.

- COLUMN: the column is slim and sturdy and makes the table stable.

- ASYMMETRIC: because the column is at one end, both surfaces can be used, and the table can be moved closer together. 

and the table can be brought as close to us as possible when in use.

- TWO POSITIONS: the top cover can be screwed to the column in two positions, so that the table can be adapted to its environment of use.

- FLAT AND ECOLOGICAL FLAT PACK PACKING: all Meseta packaging has been designed without plastic with 100% recycled material.

Material: Oak wood | Walnut wood
Height: 67cm / 26.37in
Length: 45cm / 17.71in
Depth: 33cm / 12.99in | 118cm / 46.45in
Colour: Black | Wood
Reference: ME6234W9