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Kitchen Faucet Cartesio H28

  • Steel
  • Copper
  • Bronze
  • Black
  • Gold
  • Satin
  • Polished
€1,642.50 Save 10%
Delivery 2-6 weeks

It's called the Cartesian Collection

Single-handed mixer with rotary tube.H 28 cm

Aerial flow rate 5 l/min / 1,3 gpm, water saving.

Aerator usable in the kitchen and laundry.


The collection is made of AISI 316L stainless steel.CARTESIO is an object synthesis: a pure function from which the coordinates in space remain, plotted by the orthogonal rhythm of the water segments.The particularly complex construction of the tube with right-angle curvature, made using a technique of micro-incisions that subtract material at the point of curvature, makes CARTESIO a particularly valuable product with a sophisticated design.These faucets are completed with the range of accessories, such as soap dispensers, drains and fan cap, made of stainless steel.


AISI 316L stainless steel is an alloy with a low carbon content, universally recognized for its hygiene characteristics and excellent resistance to corrosion by external agents, particularly suitable for saline and sulphurous environments.AISI 316L stainless steel does not rust in contact with water or air, but creates a particularly strong natural protective film.CEA works the steel cold and therefore keeps the strength characteristics of the alloy unchanged.All CEA products are not processed with galvanic treatments, in accordance with the sustainability principles that characterize the company's philosophy.That is why AISI 316L stainless steel is an environmentally friendly, completely recyclable, nontoxic and very hygienic material.


All products in the CARTESIO collection are available in satin and polished finishes, obtained by mechanical process, and in all CEA SPECIAL FINISHES (Black Diamond, Bronze, Copper and Light Gold).The special finishing treatments, carried out at the customer's request, are the result of careful colour selection and technological development based on a high-thickness deposition of zirconium-graphite powder mixtures.Through a process of evaporation in vacuum chambers (plasma), the powders pass from a vapor phase and then back to a thin film condensed phase.In this way, the steel surface is even more resistant to cleaning agents and salt air, and makes the surfaces scratch-resistant.In the Black Diamond finish the surface is also protected from limestone deposits, thanks to the self-lubricating feature that allows the product to be kept clean for longer.Special CEA finishes emphasise the unique properties of AISI 316L stainless steel, increasing its surface lustre and hardness.All CEA special finishes are eco-friendly and biocompatible.


To keep the faucet beautiful and durable, it is recommended to clean the faucet periodically with products recommended for the cleaning of stainless steel.Rinsing and drying are essential to prevent the formation of calcareous deposits.Do not use disinfectants such as bleach, chlorides, ethylene oxides, non-ionic surfactants that may damage the surface of products.Do not use detergents based on hydrochloric, hydrofluoric, phosphoric and muriatic acids.Preferably use neutral pH detergents and, if necessary, only on steel parts, diluted isopropyl alcohol or diluted sodium carbonate.The latter is a versatile eco-friendly detergent: it does not contain surfactants, phosphorus, dyes or perfumes.Avoid contact of steel surfaces with vapours from acidic products (muriatic and hydrochloric) or sodium hypochlorite, bleach or ammonia.Do not use abrasive brushes or detergents of any kind that contain microscopic particles that may scratch the surfaces and damage the satin and polished finish of the surfaces.To minimise the negative effects related to the accumulation of lime inside and outside the product, we recommend the installation of a de-calcification and water filtration system.

Lime deposits: Lime and dirt deposits in the aerator filters can be dissolved by removing the aerator with its key and immersing it in a solution of vinegar (maximum concentration 20%) for a few hours, then rinsing and drying before re-installing.

Rust stains: To remove accidental stains from semi-prolonged exposure to ferrous objects or even water with a high percentage of iron and manganese, it is recommended to rub the stain gently with a soft, wet cloth and a specially developed non-abrasive soft, creamy cleaning product.restore the protective film of the stainless steel by rinsing it abundantly with water and drying the surface.

Mechanical restoration: Scratched stainless steel or stained with excessive rust or chlorine impact caused by improper use can be restored by mechanical treatment.

For this type of intervention it is advisable to request only an authorized dealer CEA, CEADESIGN who will perform the treatment mentioned.However, the company reserves the right not to intervene if the conditions for recovery are severe.

Material: Stainless steel
Height: 28cm / 11.02in
Length: 26cm / 10.23in
Depth: 15cm / 5.90in
Collection: Bath
Colour: Black | Bronze | Copper | Gold
Reference: CAR02S