Induction 2 Burners 1PIDC30N

Delivery 2-6 weeks

V2 Placa Inducción 2 Fuegos BARAZZA that fits perfectly in Fantin's Frame kitchen.

Controls: touch control (controls: touch control)

Functions: potency limiter, Puente, automatic pan recognition, Booster, selective recipient detection, pause/recovery function, end of cooking timer 1 - 600', cuentaminutos, automatic precalentamiento, heat mantenimiento (functions: energy administration , Puente, automatic roller recognition, Booster, selective roller detection, pause/recovery functions, end of cooking timer 1- 600', cuentaminutos, automatic precalentamiento, hot mantener)

Devices of security: bloco electrónico para niños, indicador de calor residual, alarma de overflow, parada de seguridad (devices of security: bloco para niños, indicador de calori residual, alarma de overflow, parada de seguridad)

Minimum diameter of the olla: ø 90 mm (minimum diameter of the olla)

Adjustable power levels: 1.4 - 1.5 - 1.6 - 3.5 - 3.6 - 3.7 kW (adjustable power level)

Maximum absorbed power: 3.7 kW (maximum absorbed power)

Potencia zona inducción: 2 octa zonas 2.1 - 3 kW (potencia zona inducción)

Height: 5cm / 1.96in
Length: 51cm / 20.07in
Depth: 29cm / 11.41in
Type of Product: Accessories
Reference: FRB06-F2