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Refrigerator 178 ELECTROLUX KNT2FF18T

Delivery 2-6 weeks

ELECTROLUX refrigerator for integration that fits perfectly in the Fantin Frame kitchen thanks to a Fantin door not included in the price.

• Cooling system: LowFrost

• Capacity 269 liters

• Freezable amount: 3.3 kg in 24 hours

• Freezing capacity: 3.3 kg in 24 hours • Reversible doors

• Doors hinged on the right

• Inner door: 1 butter container with lid - 2 shelves - 1 bottle shelf - 1 egg holder

• Freezer compartment: 3 drawers

ColdSense brings the fridge back to the right temperature 40% faster than standard fridges after opening the door. This helps avoid thermal shock to food and prevents spoilage, helping to reduce food waste by up to 20%.

FreeStore allows you to keep the internal environment of the refrigerator at a stable temperature. It works by circulating cold air inside: this way, even when the door is opened, the temperature inside the fridge does not rise.

The integrated Low Frost system maintains the freezer temperature to prevent ice formation, for better performance and less maintenance.

Check the storage conditions of your ingredients with the internal electronic control. LED indicators conveniently show you the temperature, and setup takes the guesswork out.

The FastFreeze system freezes fresh food quickly so you can better preserve vitamins, texture, flavors and all other healthy qualities.

Height: 178cm / 70.07in
Length: 54cm / 21.25in
Depth: 55cm / 21.65in
Weight: 45kg
Type of Product: Kitchen Column
Reference: FRE24