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This pack contains

Delivery 2-6 weeks

Pack Composed by Fantin Color Fantin Gray Kitchen Column with the range of AEG appliances included.

Structure made of 35 x 35 mm (1.38" x 1.38") square tubes. Hidden adjustable feet.

Model with 2 modules and 3 units. 2 doors and 1 empty space for appliance.

Left: Door + appliance space

Right: Door

Measurements: 128 x 67 x 169 cm

A1 and A2 accessories available to convert the doors into drawers.

Frame tall units are available in two heights and two widths, and can be equipped with doors, drawers and appliances, without compositional limits.

Structure made of 35 x 35 mm (1.38" x 1.38") square tubes. Hidden adjustable feet.

Doors embedded in the frame, made with a double layer of bent sheet metal. Door thickness: 20 mm (0.79"). Color-matched coated metal handles. Soft-closing damping hinges. Door opening to 95°.

Drawers with fronts embedded in the frame, made of folded and filled sheet metal. Drawer front thickness: 20 mm (0.79"). Color-coated metal handles to match the drawer fronts. Drawers with Hettich runners and integrated stabilization and soft-closing systems. Capacity: 40 kg (88 .18 lbs.).

Sides and bases embedded in the frame, made of bent sheet metal; stuffed sides.

Optional metal backrests, flush with the frame.

Interior shelves of bent sheet metal.

Optional appliances with custom installation kit, from AEG, Barazza, Electrolux.

Material: Steel
Height: 169cm / 66.53in
Length: 128cm / 50.39in
Depth: 67cm / 26.37in
Weight: 125kg
Type of Product: Kitchen Column
Finished: Laquered
Colour: Black | Blue | Brown | Green | Grey | Orange | Pink | Red or Bordeaux | White | Yellow
Reference: Pack 01 Cocina Frame