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The Roller Max collection stands out for its design, distinguished by its stacked wooden stick effect. The dining table perfectly combines form and function. With the option of reversible legs that can change the aesthetic to reflect a personal style.

The table legs can be adjusted to curve inwards or outwards depending on your preference.

Made from dark brown stained mahogany with a varnished finish.

Width 150 cm

Depth 150 cm

Height 76 cm

Net weight 56.4 kg

Comfortable seating for up to 6 persons

Main material Mahogany

Finish Varnished

Solid wood

Floor protector

Maximum weight 105 kg

Material: Oak wood
Height: 76cm / 29.92in
Length: 150cm / 59.05in
Depth: 150cm / 59.05in
Finished: Varnishing
EAN13: 5404023617996 Reference: 35022