This lovely curtain will turn your children's bedroom into a fairy tale. Handmade with the best materials, this curtain has a huge workmanship, achieving a unique result, delicate and soft touch, and providing elegance and exquisite decoration to the room.

Craft manufacturing

High quality materials


Numero74 products are unique: they are handmade, one by one, following the Thai handcrafted traditions to achieve a fascinating and incomparable result. The material used is 100% natural, chosen with all the care of the world to get that distinctive point of other products.

Pleasant, soft and charming to the touch, Numero74 products are a world of special sensations for our touch and of the smallest, taking care of the skin of the children and creating the most incredible perceptions.

Numero74 takes care of you and yours as if it were a caress.

Material: Cotton
Height: 290cm / 114.17in
Depth: 110cm / 43.30in
Colour: White
EAN13: 7400000063426 Reference: FLAT CURTAIN S001