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Alfombras de vinilo

Vinyl carpets - Selection Toc Toc Infantil

The children's rugs are an indispensable element when it comes to decorating any children's room. Children play on them, have fun, crawl, and even protect them from the cold floor, and say goodbye to boring rooms!

At TOC TOC Kids we recommend that the carpets have an abstract drawing, such as geometric figures, in this way, they will help the child to stimulate his vision and development. In addition, we must ensure that its color gives a feeling of comfort and relaxation for the best development of the baby.

For more information read our post Baby rugs in the baby's development or visit our category of washable baby rugs.

Now take a look below at our must have selection of vinyl rugs Brita Sweden or visit the manufacturer Brita Sweden shop where you have all of them including the hemp and blankets with the same blanket prints.