A chest of drawers for the whole home to decorate with a lot of style

When you are looking for a stylish new piece of furniture for your bedroom or home design and that goes well with your decor you have to be clear about what furniture to look for. If what you are looking for is a wooden chest of drawers or chest of drawers, to be stylish and to last a lifetime, it has to be made of solid wood. Solid wood gives the chests of drawers a presence and personality that provide unique conditions to the environments. Whether white or natural wood such as pine, beech, oak..

Cómoda de madera maciza Horizon de Nobodinoz

The chest of drawers that I recommend for your room or home is the Horizon green chest of drawers from Nobodinoz. With the base lacquered in tropical green will bring a fresh air and also has natural beech wood finish that brings warmth at the same time.

The importance of dresser drawers

The drawers of a chest of drawers go great in any space to have on hand the things that are more of daily use and that in a closet or other furniture drawers are more difficult to access. On a shelf you will put the most orderly things so that they can look nice, but in a chest of drawers if you do not have time to keep it tidy it will never be seen. Although of course order equals good living! Look at this super special dresser with drawers that can be accessed from above. Aren't they super practical?

Cajones cómoda de madera maciza

The use as a changing table of the wooden dresser

A chest of drawers is not only used for storage, both the wooden ones from Nobodinoz and the ones we have in our shop can also be used as a changing table. This is a great advantage, as it becomes a two-in-one piece of furniture. You only need a padded changing table, like the ones we have in our shop, and place it on top of the dresser without the need for a wooden accessory that you will only use during the first months of your child's life.

Cambiador para cuna y cómoda de madera maciza

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