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Silla Mychair Roble Normann Copenhagen

Normann Copenhagen
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Normann Copenhagen presents Mychair, designed by Nicholai Wiig Hansen. Mychair is a versatile chair simple, stackable and timeless design.

Measurements: 80 x 50 x 53 cm

Material: Oak wood seat and lacquered steel legs

Normann Copenhagen presents Mychair.

Normann Copenhagen stands out for its position as one of the leading manufacturers of design furniture with the launch of a reinterpreted range of chairs and tables that combine a strong design style with comfortable curves and an innovative industrial production technique. The name Mychair reflects the inspiration of the Designers through the designs of the chairs in the passage of history.

Integrated and without concessions

The aim was also to create a flexible design. As a result, the Mychair has a homogeneous and aesthetic design, regardless of which angle the chair is looked at.

Attention to detail

Each detail has been carefully deliberate, also when it comes to the 6 timeless color options. There is, for example, nothing random about dusty blue with gray shades or light grey, with its associations soft to minerals and cement. The green is a careful balance between the forest and the green bottle, while the deep red unites tones of the entire spectrum of summer berries. Even black and white tones are chosen so they are clean and calm in sight. A lot of effort has also been put in the coloring of the moulded connectors and steel bases, in order to match the seats perfectly.

With this chair, the designer Nicholai Wiig Hansen reinterpreted the Classic Shell chair and added a surprising elegance and harmony. The rounded corners and the curved waist compensate for the rigorous design of the chair and give it a warm and welcoming atmosphere. If you inspect the chair more carefully you will notice a series of discrete details, testifying to the fact that all its features are deliberate and carefully elaborated.

The seat consists of moulded wood, a durable material that is also flexible and moves with the body. The curves follow the shape of the body while the backing angle of the chair is slightly more open than in most other chairs. This makes it more comfortable when you bend back.

This chair is a mixture of something familiar and something new, something neutral, although with character, something that is present, but not dominant, something simple, as well as something complex and rigorous, as well as curved.

Mychair is available in ash or oak with a lacquered steel frame and comes in one of the six classic colors. In addition, a fully black version of the chair is also available. With its multiple combination possibilities, the chair is suitable for many different environments and styles. You can, for example, choose a chair in the ash with the white legs of the dining table or in the conference room for a decoration in clear, Scandinavian tones or mix the different types of shells and frame colors to create your own feeling.

Mychair has been awarded the prestigious Interior Innovation Award: Winner 2014.

Specific References

EAN13: 5712396034600 Reference: 601137