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La Cerise sur le gâteau revisits and puts a twist on home textiles. La Cerise sur le gâteau collections shake up home linen and children's bedroom decorations: Jouy and Liberty prints wake up next to polka dots and neon touches. As attached to the originality of her products as to their quality, Anne Hubert, the designer behind la Cerise sur le gâteau makes its beautiful fabrics in Portugal.

Let Anne tell us
the story of La Cerise sur le gâteau

"One day while answering a journalist who wished to know what my inspiring memories were, I came to realize just how much colour and material have been a part of me since my earliest childhood. Here are the anecdotes and colourful memories that inspire the world of La Cerise to this day.

I grew up in Normandy, by the sea, surrounded by 4 brothers who were recognized mischief inventors, my sister, my polka dotted dog and Willy the pony. I spent winter in yellow boots and summer I went barefoot. In my many memories, there are rides on the rack of my sister’s bicycle repainted in apple green with the bulging silver saddle, to go and gather purple mulberries for making jam, or plucking red poppies that wilted all too quickly, and to realize that, in the end, it is nicer to look at them lining the paths. I also remember Sundays, standing up on the dining room table, where my mother would adjust the clothes she was making me with pins, my favourite one remaining the Liberty one. And me, I would cobble up dresses for my dolls with scraps of cloth.

Everything was homemade: the jams, the family cooking, the summer dresses and winter knitwear. I have kept the memory of the feel of the traditional tea towels with red bands that my mother used, the white mixed-cloth apron that she wore while cooking. Not forgetting, the linen bed sheets that I slept in, monogrammed sheets from the wedding trousseau, the whole thing covered with an old pink eiderdown faded with age...

In growing up, then, I kept the memory of the feel of quality traditional products. I am a student in a school of applied arts in Paris, then I become a press and brand name decoration stylist. My first cosy little nest is inhabited by antique wonders hunted around for, to which I give a new lease on life.

These products please others so why not let them take advantage of these good ideas? This is how the adventure of the neo-traditional brand of household linen, La Cerise sur le gâteau, begins in 2006. The collections revisit with humour and impertinence timeless French household linen references.

It is a truly human adventure. Creativity and inspiring places are what have made it possible to build the inspiring universe of La Cerise. Both creative and company director, at the end of the day the art of living of La Cerise is wholly inspired by my personal lifestyle!

Welcome to La Cerise!"

La Cerise sur le gâteau is...


Each season we creatively renew our collections whilst maintaining our strong identity. Colours and patterns to give a twist to household linen basics. Bags and covers to accessorize, to walk about, to put away. Freshness, good mood and colours. Not forgetting our lightly sprinkled golden or coloured polka dots.


Just like the grandmother’s tea-cloth that has travelled down the ages, a La Cerise sur le gâteau piece is offered, handed down and leaves a trace with cheerfulness and lightness! Each one of our creations is imagined for you or your clan. We accord the utmost importance to quality and manufacture which are both humanly and environmentally responsible.


Since its inception, the story of La Cerise has been nothing but one of lovely encounters! La Cerise’s art of living is the team, Anne’s clan, all of whom have taken part in the adventure and in the inspiring places stamped with our universe. But it is also you who bring La Cerise to life in your own universe!